November 2015

Well, there is a lot of mud and rain around but at least it is still warm. However, Carol has still been busy with lessons so has been drowned on a regular basis! Typing this, I can see wind-driven rain outside the window, so if your horses are out then double-check rugs to ensure they are water-proof and remember that a field shelter is a good option too. Watch out also for mud-rash, abscesses, and pulled shoes; all common winter problems.

Fortunately we had good weather for the Dressage day, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It is great to see the horses (and riders) progress between the shows and some combinations are making tremendous improvement. Particular congratulations to Irish, Miss Money Penny, and Keri, who have all made great strides over the past year.

If you haven’t seen them already, there are a couple of articles on site about de-worming programmes and ways to reduce resistance to the drugs. Try to have a targeted programme in place, rather than just treating at regular intervals or just randomly.

On a more ‘worldly’ news-front, the first death of the season from sycamore seeds has been reported, so watch out for these in paddocks and don’t forget they can be blown or washed from neighbouring properties too. Google if you don’t know what the seeds and trees look like, and if possible remove them from your property. Most/worst cases occur when horses don’t have any extra feed provided, so providing extra hay might help if you are in an at-risk area.
To those friends in New Zealand who are grazing on sandy conditions – we are green with envy – sigh.

Hope everyone is enjoying riding still despite the weather!

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