April 2015

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunny weather (remember this when the April showers come) – hopefully it is not the only bit of summer we get. The paddocks have dried out and the horses are enjoying long days out without getting too muddy in the process.

A successful day was had by all at the dressage day at Church Farm in March (well, they all said they enjoyed it and wanted us to run another one). Yes, there will be more coming but we might have to skip a month.

Carol is off to Bermuda for 2 weeks. Having spent 30 years going back and forth instructing (including riders for the Olympics) she is now going there on HOLIDAY for the first time! I am sure this will be a major shock to the system, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone wanted to squeeze in a lesson while she was there. So, it will be light work for the GGs while she is gone.

Check out the article on training by numbers this week. After listening to some people at horse shows, I think people don’t always realise how limited a horse’s thinking is – they don’t really do things wrong deliberately; there is always some reason for it. A couple of the horses here are now starting work on their canter transitions – both have had their heads tied down in the past, but they developed different ways to cope with it; however they both get worried about the canter transition itself because of their past (I’d love to see some humans try to do gymastics with their heads tied down) – okay, I know that this was last month’s grumble too but if you could feel how anxious some horses get about it all then you too would campaign for better training.

Lots of people have been having lessons in preparation for the coming season, and it is good to see so many horses going nicely. We have also had very positive feedback on the photo gallery, so will add more photos soon.

Hope you all enjoyed Easter and happy riding in the sunshine.




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