Spring 2018

Well, it has been a good while since this blog has been updated. I’m sure any regulars have given up looking for it by now but many things have been happening. After a VERY wet winter we have not made it through to spring and we have full on daffodils, birds, and sunshine everywhere.

Sadly, we lost Lexi to a leg injury recently. She will be missed for a long time, as she had developed such a wonderful personality as well as being very talented. RIP Lexi.

Her stable has been filled with a new boy, Dazz, who seems a very gentle soul and has lovely movement too. His favourite hobby is rolling. At the moment he is concentrating on putting on weight, so is very glad that the new grass is through and that the paddocks have dried up enough to get out and eat.

The new arena was taken out by a ‘river’ caused by a flooded culvert on the roadside. I went out in the morning to find the horses watching the water (along with the arena surface) pouring past the front of the stables. The insurance company was excellent and we were able to arrange for it to be fixed with not too much of a delay. Many thanks to NFU insurance and West Wales Equi-Arenas, both of which we would highly recommend to anyone else. We are just waiting for rain now so the arena settles in, but that won’t take long to come in Wales.

In the meantime we have been trucking Diva and Dazz out to use other arenas, which has been educational for the horses but gets to be a bit of a bind compared to an arena at home. Lady however has been pleased as she has had the time off, although I think she is getting quite bored and won’t mind going back into work again soon.

Diva has excelled herself by doing well in her first competitions for nearly 2 years. In two dressage shows she scored 69-72% in her three prelim tests and 63% in a novice test. The 72% was under a list-4 judge so very exciting. Looking forward to doing some more competing on her soon, although it might have just been a fluke.

There is lots to do outside with the stinging nettles already starting to sprout, the arena fence to be painted, and all the general maintenance things that crop up regularly. This year we will be able to keep the vegetation in check before it gets out of control. We have also turned the area next to the river into a small paddock for summer grazing, so that will keep that tidy. It is hard to believe that this time last year it was part covered in tree branches (where very large trees had fallen across the river from the other bank) and the rest was waist deep in nettles, brambles, long grass, and other associated weeds! It links to the old sheep shed, which now has sand on the base, so the horses will be able to seek shelter from the flies and sun too when they get bad.

I’m sure that everyone horsey out there will be very busy too, so hope you have a great time at the early shows and through the season. Remember it is all supposed to be fun.

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