July 2016

Professor Pony has started his own Facebook page. I am concerned that he won’t be prepared for trolls, but he doesn’t seem too worried about it. He sometimes has a great understanding of humans but at other times he is quite naïve. But then horses are so much more straightforward than us –perhaps if we lived more ‘in the moment’ then there would be less hatred in the world. Anyway, as he has something to say about everything I don’t think he will get too bored with social media. Check him out on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ProfessorPony/

On the yard: Diva surprised us when asked to jump the second time (first time in two years was at the end of last month) – a very mature attitude, popping sensibly over a grid and single fence: only 80 cm but with scope to die for. It’s very exciting to ride a horse with so much potential: however, I need to be careful not to canter her directly towards the arena fences – she is getting better, but I still feel her gather herself ready to jump sometimes!

Lexi and Carol continue to make progress as a partnership, though Lexi still wants to do sequence changes in her tests when not asked for. Personally we think that dressage should be the same as gymnastics, where you get bonus points for putting in a higher level of difficulty! However, Carol is away for the next couple of weeks so Lexi is doing some general fitness work instead.

Duke was absolutely adored by the judge and steward at Hailsham EC event, run at Golden Cross. Carol was pleased that he won a cup and trophy for best ridden Arab/part bred (he is part bred), but I think he is just pleased with the carrots and polo treats.

The stable cat (who has taken over the house too) has become increasingly demanding in her retirement. No longer content just to sleep on the hay, straw, beds, chairs, and clothes, she now vocally demands laps to sit on, food, attention, food, laps, cuddles, attention etc. etc. at increasingly regular intervals. She has also taken to sitting in the arena when we are riding, sleeping on the mounting block, lying in the pathway of way of the horses being led (and people and wheelbarrows), and taking over their stables. It is not nice when she sneaks under the blankets in the middle of the night after being out in the rain (sopping wet), but I think she is enjoying herself!

Bugbear for the month (other than the wet cat waking me up at 3.20 a.m.) is the flies. It has obviously been a good year for fly production, but the equine fly sprays don’t seem to make much impression in repelling the blighters. Even the 72 hour one doesn’t last a day, so if anyone has any magic products or ideas (including repelling midges) then we would be glad to hear of them.

Here’s hoping the weather settles a bit so that the farmers can get this seasons hay made, and happy riding in the sunshine.

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