Just a short blog this month, as things have been quite busy. However, there is new content on Professor Pony’s dear Abby page, and another article following on from the new series on training. Use the links to get to these pages.

Carol has been off to Rome for a holiday – the first one she has been on as an adult that hasn’t involved horses! She has also been busy doing her UKCC certificate, as apparently being a BHS Instructor is not sufficient for the BHS these days – a big congratulations for passing the practical, and she how just has to finish and submit her portfolio. Sorry for those people waiting for her para-dressage book. We were originally hoping to have it published for Xmas, but time has flown since then.

A bit of drama at the neighbours, as their house caught fire (well a small part of it). A big WARNING – don’t stack wood against the side of wood burner, as it can catch fire when it is dry enough. Carol was left holding the baby (literally) while the fire engines got to work, but fortunately it was mainly smoke damage.

Not much has happened in the way of shows this month; Congratulations to Sue & Keri, and Clare & Jester, who scored in the 60’s in their intro-to-canter tests. Lexi did a test Hors Concours just so she had an outing, but doesn’t seem to understand that she is allowed to go around the arena without doing the fancy bits she has been taught in the past (however, only one flying change and the odd step of passage).

The young mare Diva is starting to find her balance at trot, so hopefully she will go out to a show soon. She may end up with a blood-thirsty reputation though! A few days ago she had a dead rat in the stable; it had an injured tail and hadn’t been dead long, so we are assuming she trod on it a couple of times and/or kicked it. Then today there was a scapula (shoulder bone) of what looked like a rabbit! Okay, that one probably came with the straw as it was quite aged, but you never know what your horse gets up to when you are not watching.

Winter is here and the paddocks are quite sodden – even the terrier has days where she doesn’t want to cross the mud, and the cat has moved inside pretty much permanently. However, we have been lucky to have mild weather for so long, and it will soon be Xmas, then spring; so lots to look forward to.

Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

And some words from Professor Pony:
Professor Pony would like to remind all ponies (although they shouldn’t need it) that December 18th is the feast day of Epona, the Horse Goddess who protects horses, donkeys and mules. As well as the traditional services this year, for those in areas where the skies are not covered by cloud it is becoming customary to look toward the home constellation Equuleus and give thanks for the continued survival of our species when others are becoming extinct.

He has also made it clear that although horses don’t celebrate Xmas as such (because their religion is based around Epona), he still expects his carrots and other treats on Christmas morning and would everyone please think of all the ponies around the world who do not know it is Xmas time or who are sick.
[Translator’s note: he overheard the ‘band-aid song’ and slightly misunderstood the words]

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