August 2017

Not sure where the months are going, but here we are in August already (in case you didn’t know that!). The new arena is proving invaluable as a very dry spring has been replaced with many showery days. However, although these aren’t constant, Carol seems to be a rain-magnet and a shower pops up every time she either rides or walks the dogs. The dogs are NOT impressed, with even Bodie wondering why she has to go outside just when it is about to rain. For anyone in a drought-stricken country – we are thinking of hiring Carol out.

The horses like the new arena too and are going very well, despite both us riders needing to focus more on the actual pattern of the movements rather than drifting around (and one day I WILL remember to look up too).

Lexi has regained a lot of her fitness and has been working nicely up in front, though she isn’t always sure that all the hard work is necessary at her age. However, the fitter she is the more she gets to do her beloved flying changes and half-pass so she is satisfied with that.

Lady is just having some in-hand work at the moment as the girl that has been riding her has been prevented by buses not turning up as scheduled! She is very upset about it (the girl, not Lady) as she was developing quite a rapport with Lady (who IS missing the extra cuddles and attention).

Meanwhile, Carol has taken over the ride on Diva (as well as most of the mucking out) as I am redecorating a bungalow. Lots of cleaning, sanding, and painting; but I am hoping that all the getting up and down off ladders etc. is improving my core strength (it certainly makes some of the right muscles ache – along with others I’d forgotten I had!). I saw Carol and Diva doing a gorgeous soft trot the other day so we may be fighting over her in the future, although with three lovely horses on the yard we are spoiled for choice.

That’s all the news for this month, and even the nasty biting flies seem to have almost disappeared, so enjoy your riding (between showers).

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