August 2016

Just a short note this month. Here we are galloping through August already, and now that the countdown to the Olympics has finished people are starting to do countdowns to Christmas.

The shows have been put on a back-burner lately, as other things have been taking over (combined with some vehicle changes), but Diva and Carol had a good jumping session the other day so Diva is hoping to convince her that jumping is more fun than doing just dressage. Perhaps eventing is also on the cards again?

It is fun watching the Olympics, though quite tiring too – I think some of the horses in the cross country had several hundred thousand people riding them over the jumps! It is always interesting to listen to the non-horsey commentators when they mention the horse sports. The eventing went from being a possible fairy tale medal for William Fox-Pitt, coming back from his injury, to a very brief mention that the cross country was disappointing, then nothing. Not to be mentioned again (even though everyone did there best on the day).

It will be interesting to see if the dressage and showjumping fare better, but I think that now that there are so many channels for people to choose from there will be less and less knowledge about equestrian sport trickling down to the general public. I may be one of the few horsey people who think that there are some very valid arguments for dropping equestrian sports from the Olympics.

Some of Carol’s clients have achieved their own goals in the last month, which (to them) is just as nerve-wracking as competing at the Olympics. So, happy riding, and even if you don’t own an Olympic prospect I am sure you will still be having lots of fun and achievements at your own level.

That’s all for this month, as horses and the Olympics call.

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