Professor A. Pony’s CV

Curriculum Vitae

Professor A. Pony©

C/- Stable 2, Staff block, University of Equus.

Humans can contact me via my translator, Wendy Gill, at


Dual citizenship: British and Ancient Order of Ponies

horse head

Personal Statement

 A motivated horse with wide experience in education of both horses and humans, currently holding a Stable at the University of Equus. Passionate about improving horse-human relationships, with a focus on improving knowledge and communication between different species to the ultimate benefit of equine welfare.
And World Peace.


Main Qualifications & Awards

  • AOP: Member of the Ancient Order of Ponies. NB: this is not the same as the Order of Ancient Ponies (OAP)
  • OPE: Officer of the order of the Pony Empire
  • PhD (Sc): Pony and horse Doctorate in Science
  • MEd (Hum): Masters in Education – Human studies
  • MRCES: Member of the Royal College of Equine Science
  • FBHS: Founder of the British Human Society (BHS). Not to be confused with either the BHS = British Horse Society (for humans) or the BHS = British Home Stores (for human shopping, no horsey stuff at all for some reason).

Professor Pony also holds many other Certificates and Diplomas in various topics, too numerous to list here.


 Career Highlights

Current: Holder of the Stable in Educational and Human Sciences at the University of Equus.

Past Experience (in reverse order)

  • Senior Lecturer in Human and Equine Studies
  • Consultant in Human- Horse Relationships for the Paddock of Welfare, Order of Ancient Ponies (International Division)
  • Head Trainer and Research Scientist at the British Homo-sapien Rehabilitation Centre; a specialist centre for problem behaviour in humans.
  • Professional Competitor: Eventing, Showjumping, Dressage
  • Professional Racehorse


In the Equus language of the horse (not translated to English):  

  • How to Train your Human
  • How to Train your Human for Dummies
  • How to Train your Human if your human is a Dummy
  • How to Re-train your Human - Advanced Problem Behaviour
  • Human Behaviour Explained (or a best attempt)

 Translated to English (for the human market):

From the Other Side of the Saddle – follow the link to the eBook page on this website. [Now Available on AMAZON].


Transferable Skills

  • Successfully developed course material and taught lectures, tutorials, and practical sessions to Ponies and Horses on a wide range of topics.
  • Provided effective and considerate pastoral care for students of varied backgrounds, multi-breed origin, and wide abilities and sizes.
  • Contributed extensively to the research field in regards to human behaviour and human-horse interactions, along with application of theories used for practical retraining of problem humans.
  • Developed comprehensive and detailed policy documents for use between the advisory committee of the Order of Ancient Ponies and the human race.
  • Gained considerable experience in various aspects of the competition world which, when combined with many diverse life experiences, has enabled me to provide relevant additional depth and quality of service to my students and fellow herd members.

Translator’s Note: Professor A. Pony is a fictional character (although he often forgets this).

 As such, all material relating to Professor A. Pony and his works is copyright to Wendy Gill, all rights reserved. No part of the material may be reproduced in any form by any means, including photocopying, audio recording, or any information storage or retrieval system, without the permission in writing from the copyright holder. Enquiries can be addressed to the author at or use the contact form on the Contact Us page.

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