Professor Pony

You can fool all of the horses some of the time, and some of the horses all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the horses all of the time

Welcome to my web-page!

For those of you who haven’t met me before, I am a very experienced pony who lectures at the University of Equus; a dedicated academy for the training of horses and ponies. My mission is to help ponies and horses of all types, in the hope that I can improve the relationship between equines and humans. All pages you see here have been translated by the human, Wendy Gill, whose website this is, so blame her for any typo’s etc.

You can check out my free advice column by clicking here: DEAR ABBY (yes, Abby is a boy's nickname as well as a girls!). Each month I will publish a selection of letters giving tips and advice for those in need. For humans, further free advice regarding training and horses can be found in the Free Articles page.

If you want to know more about me, then check out my qualifications and experience in my CV here: Professor Pony's CV. You may also be interested in my lecture series for Training Humans 101, which has been collated in the eBook “From the Other Side of the Saddle.” Details feature in the eBook section.

I hope you enjoy my pages,
Professor A. Pony©

Translator’s note: Despite his name and the fact that he calls himself a pony, in modern terms Professor Pony is a horse. He is a Thoroughbred approximately 16hh (167.5cm) and has now semi-retired, although he has led a varied and distinguished career up to this point.

The use of the term ‘pony’ originates from the fact that all horses evolved from ponies; Professor Pony himself is one of the few equines in recent years who have been inducted into the Ancient Order of the Pony (for recognition of his services to equines worldwide); and of course the term pony-sense has more value than the term horse-sense. In general, all horses are ponies, but not all ponies are horses.