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The following books have been written, or are works in progress, by Wendy Gill, Dr. Carol Green, or Professor A. Pony©.

Those eBooks that are published are currently available on Amazon, and can be viewed using their Kindle book system.
Please note that you DO NOT NEED TO OWN A KINDLE to read these books. You can download a FREE Kindle app from amazon (e.g. Kindle for PC, Kindle for i-pad) to read eBooks. The only cost is that of the book itself. A sample from each book can be viewed on the Amazon website.

These books are published as eBooks in order to save publishing costs. This allows the books to be available at a cheaper price than if published in print, making them more affordable for a wider range of people. All prices given are based on Amazon.uk (prices vary with other Amazon sites).

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Published Articles:

  • Gill, W. (2015c) Pain hurts - but why is it difficult to identify in horses? Veterinary Practice Today 3(6) p30-34.
  • Gill, W. (2015b) Eustress versus distress - is there a difference and does it matter? Veterinary Practice Today 3(5) p31-35.
  • Gill, W. (2015a) Understanding equine behaviour - why is it important in veterinary practice? Veterinary Practice Today 3(4) p33-36.


Equine Behaviour Explained:

by Wendy Gill. August 2014 

Type: Non-fiction
Level aimed at: Intermediate
Price: £9.31 (incl. VAT).     YES! you read correctly. A text-book for under £10!

Product Description: Many horse owners and riders ask themselves at some point: “Why doesn’t my horse understand me?” This book helps answer that question by providing an information-packed resource based on known facts.

The first half of Equine Behaviour Explained provides detailed reasons for horse behaviour; based on genetics, the current environment, and past learning experiences. The book explains why horses act like horses, as well as why individual horses (even clones) behave differently. The second half of the book covers different learning mechanisms used by the horse, and how these relate to training and problem behaviour. An independent account of different training systems discusses their similarities and differences; along with the problems in assessing stress levels in horses.

Many books exist on equine behaviour, so why another one? Horse training and welfare is increasingly based on science, yet most books are either too general or too technical. This book not only explains behaviour, but it also explains different terminology and common confusions. The author has a Veterinary degree, a Masters in Equine Science, and also holds a teaching qualification. As such, this book is informative but is also written with case studies, quiz questions, and many examples and photos to help understanding.

Want to know more about your horse but can’t afford to do a behaviour course? This book has deliberately been produced at an affordable price (to ensure wider access) but the information it contains is extensive. Equine Behaviour Explained does what it says on the tin; it explains equine behaviour.





From the Other Side of the Saddle – A "Professor Pony" Book

by Wendy Gill.

Type: Fiction
Level aimed at: General
Price: £1.99 (incl. VAT)

Product Description:
A tongue-in-cheek look at human behaviour from the horse’s point of view. If horses thought like humans, which of course they don’t.

Written by a fictional character, Professor A. Pony, who is a very experienced horse who teaches at the University of Equus, which is an educational institute that teaches horses and ponies to cope with humans in the modern world. This book collates the lectures given in the module Professor Pony teaches during the first semester: An Introduction to Training Humans: 101.

Professor Pony covers important topics such as finding a suitable human; understanding the reasons for human behaviour and types of learning involved; basic training and jumping; taking your human out and about; as well as ensuring your human gets the best out of riding lessons and some useful tips on problem humans. A guest lecturer from the BHS (British Human Society) also provides some careers advice for horses and ponies.

The lectures provide a light-hearted spoof of equine and human behaviour, as well as the principles of equine training and academia in general. Knowledge of equine training principles and terms will enhance appreciation of some areas of the book, but anyone who has pondered how horses regard humans will appreciate an imaginative view given straight from the horse’s mouth, in “From the Other Side of the Saddle”.
21,000 words

Para-Riding Explained

by Dr. Carol Green. In progress

Type: Non-fiction
Level aimed at: General
Price: TBA (anticipated £7.99).

Product Description: An exploration of para-riding, including the history of para competitions leading up to the Olympics. The author has experience training and managing para-riders to Olympic level and has been the para-rep for British Dressage in the South East.


Previously Published Books by Dr. Carol Green
(in print)

NB: Some of these books are available second-hand on Amazon or in bookstores. Some books have been also been translated into other languages. Updated versions for some will be available in eBook format in the future.


  • Dressage Explained
  • Eventing Explained
  • Jumping Explained
  • Training Explained
  • Basic Riding Explained
  • Horse Ailments Explained
  • Horse and Pony Breeding Explained
  • Long Distance Riding Explained
  • Showing And Ringcraft Explained (contributor)
  • ShowDriving Explained
  • Stable Management Explained
  • Tack and Saddlery Explained
  • All About Your Pony
  • My Pony

And in addition:

  • Let's Ride
  • Riding Class (for British Horse Society)